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How to become a great HR manager August 9, 2018

How to become a great HR manager

How to become a great HR manager

There is an incorrect misconception about the HR department in an organisation. Some employees look to the HR department with content that they are simply just a systematic extension of executive management. They might also be seen as gatekeepers of the company that hold little interest in any employee.

The HR department can be seen as supporting managers and not regular employees, other staff might see them as only motivated by goals and motives. The issue is that the department has many different stakeholders to entertain, so employees could feel that they are being ignored. It could be that the department needs to do a better job in explaining and educating staff on their importance and what they bring to the organisation for all the different stakeholders.

Why is HR important

Here are some reasons as to why you need a HR department in your organisation:

  • The HR department is responsible for the overall recruiting of a superior workforce. They will actively help the hiring managers to find the perfect candidates for the organisation. Through their human resources courses they are training to find the perfect person that matches the specification that they have been given.
  • Once you have selected the perfect candidate for the job, the HR department will recommend a market based salary taking into account experience and the going rate for that position.
  • They also find great employee benefit programs that can attract and retain the best employees. They will look at the costs with a keen eye to ensure that everything is within the budget that they have been given.
  • The HR department is also an advocate for who have a conflict with management or other employees. They embark on HR management courses to ensure that they are able to deal with the conflict in the most effective way.

How to become a great HR Manager

  • HR managers are always trying to reinforce the rules of the organisation which might make them seem cold and distant most of the time. You need to always rediscover the passion and maintain it. Your drive will inspire the current workers in the organisation.
  • When working in HR personalisation is extremely important. When communicating with a member of staff try to take their age, personality and goals into consideration. This can be learnt in various HR courses.
  • Working with all departments means that you have all their input in who should be the best individual for them. You will need to work closely with managers to develop good HR ideas and practices.
  • You can develop a mentorship program, mentoring shouldn’t be improvised it should be a clear program based on goals and monitoring of results. When a new worker feels like they are supported they are less afraid of being creative.

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