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How to become a trusted advisor in sales August 20, 2018

How to become a trusted advisor in sales

How to become a trusted advisor in sales

There has been a strong correlation between a trusted advisor and a sales person. There are many critical factors such as networking and building relationships that organisations believe will help the company expand. Many sales companies have a challenge of sustaining their growth in this current competitive environment.

Most trusted advisors in sales have embarked on some fort of sales and marketing course. There has now been an influx of different ways of appealing to a customer such as over the internet, radio, social media and word of mouth. There are many successful companies that have a strong front-end team that are heavily dependent on their long-standing client relationships. These are built on communication styles, confidence, empath and selflessness that put the customer at the heart of the company.

Who is a trusted advisor in sales?

A trusted advisor in sales use their attitude and ability to build many different emotional connections with their clients and stakeholders. People believe that building relationships depends on what you look like, but this is further from the truth. If you are a person that can listen and understand the needs of the client, then you can be seen as an advisor. you need to be articulate in your thoughts and have a clear objective which can leave a lasting impression.  

How to become a trusted advisor in sales

  • You will need to be a patient listener, it can be hard to interrupt and make a conclusion when the other person hasn’t completed or made their point. You need to have the ability to ask the right questions at the most critical time to ensure that you are able to move to the next step. You will need to gain experience in asking open and close ended questions to get a clear goal.
  • It can be easy to completely go along with what the client would like but a good trusted advisor in sales uses their sales skills, knowledge and experience to challenge the situation and get better results. They are able to share market trends and competitive intelligence to reassure the client that the advisor puts the business needs first.
  • The trusted advisor should ensure that the client trusts the ability for them to deliver results to achieve the expected outcome. Sometimes its easy to promise the world but struggle to deliver the expectations. The trusted advisor will need to be aware of their capabilities and be able to create an environment to discuss emotional barriers.
  • Becoming a trusted advisor is usually built over time and we have to make the conscious choices very frequently. Trusted advisors need to challenge themselves, many complete sales management courses to keep their leadership skills up to scratch. Clients are always looking for recommendations to help them gain market share which is continuous threat. A great sales person may not always be trusted but an advisor is always true.

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