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How to give your career a digital makeover January 30, 2019

How to give your career a digital makeover

How to give your career a digital makeover

Fashion isn’t the only thing that changes over time, your career will constantly go through changes throughout your working life. What you believed was a trendy way of formatting your CV five or ten years ago has now been considered outdated. As technology is changing, it is important to stay current to ensure you can apply for the most decent jobs that are suited to you.

By 2020 the digital marketing industry is looking to top $335 billion which will make it one of the fastest and well paid job markets for graduates and professionals today. Digital marketing courses have become extremely popular due to the rise in interest in the marketing industry.

As it is with any industry, when you are trying to develop a career in digital marketing you will be required to use a combination of skills which include social and networking abilities, technical skills and analytical expertise.

Companies are looking for employees with cutting edge skills, moving your digital competencies with the needs of industry is sure to get you a successful career with a healthy pay packet. It is important that your CV is the best that it can be to ensure that you are seen by the company you are applying for. You will need to avoid buzzwords which are usually designed to make your CV look better but don’t have any meaning. More companies are investing in software that will check the CV’s for professional keywords and pass on the CV’s to the hiring managers. You always want your CV to land on top of all the others.

Digital marketing training shows us ways of giving your career a digital makeover, here are some of the ways:

  1. It is important to invest in yourself, it is crucial that you set yourself apart from other candidates just like popular brands do. This can be done by building a presence on social platforms, social media is a powerful way of connecting to other people in the same industry. You can get involved in different communities such as LinkedIn as it has a huge number of professional groups.
  1. To become an attractive candidate you will need to enrol on a digital marketing course to ensure that you are able to understand the foundations. It is important to have an array of skills such as analytics, social media and user experience are valued by an employer. If you have these skills you will be set apart from other applicants.
  1. Another way to give your career a digital makeover is to analyse and optimise your digital marketing activities as it is key to success. Whether it is through pay per click or platforms such as linkedin Ads, having the ability to go through the data and relate it back to customer behaviour is very beneficial. A company will be able to resonate with their audience and optimize to make it much better.

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