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International training courses, a new training and development motivation? August 20, 2019

International training courses, a new training and development motivation?

In a recent blog post we discussed the number one challenge in workplace training and development.

The number one reason cited by employees as to why they don’t engage in workplace training, learning and development is because they feel that they don’t have time.

Human resource managers and talent managers agree that their number one challenge in getting employees to undertake training and development, is getting employees to make time for learning.

Surprisingly, despite not being able to find time employees, really do want to learn and they do value training and development. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees would stay at a job longer if it invested in their career.

So, what can be done to help employees make time? Is it just time that is the issue?

It is up to HR managers and talent managers to start thinking about out of the box solutions when it comes to developing training programmes that will really engage employees. While time may be a factor, it is also a lack of motivation stopping employees from actively engaging with training and development programmes.

HR managers and talent managers need to focus on listening to what employees really want, find out their aspirations and find ways to integrate training into the employee’s current schedules and lifestyles. What do employees find appealing? What is important to them to have in their job?

A 2018 Retention Report from the Work Institute highlights that 2 of the most common job features valued by employees are career development and work-life balance. Climbing the ranks more recently as an important job feature is business travel.  It was identified in an American Express study undertaken by YouGov that travel integrated into roles can help boost employee satisfaction and employee motivation. This survey also found that 9/10 UK business travellers surveyed enjoyed business travel with 80% claiming it has widened their world view by allowing them opportunities to explore new cultures and places.

There is no doubt that travel can foster creativity and inspiration, so why is travel not being integrated into training programmes more?

While business travel is traditionally for commercial purposes in management and sales areas, there is an opportunity for business travel to be used strategically in the HR function for employee retention and performance. The World Economic Forum, claims that the talent development function urgently needs to take a strategic seat at board room level as the rate of upskilling accelerates across industries.

International training could allow employees the flexibility that they so desperately need as well as the inspiration that they are looking for in training and development programmes. Further to this international training could allow employees an incentive to combine a work trip with a short holiday or an incentive to combine training with other exciting international ventures such as attending trade shows or global networking.

London Training for Excellence offers training in over 30+ locations globally meaning our training can be taken at a time and place that suits the employee. With training in cities such as London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, New York and Dubai, we encourage employees undertaking training to choose locations that truly inspire them. 

If you are a HR manager or talent manager that wants to discuss the possibility of integrating travel into your training programmes, please contact the team at London Training for Excellence. We can be your partner in innovative and flexible training that will engage and excite your employees!

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