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New Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Trends May 11, 2023

New Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Trends

The rise of A.I. has been shaking marketers and many employees in other fields in the past few months. People have experienced the power of A.I. and quickly anticipated many jobs would be replaced. The anxiety of losing jobs soon provoked among employees as some employers announced job cuts due to the introduction of A.I. to the corporates. 

It worries a lot of people because of the overwhelming news. However, there are always two sides of the coin. Especially for marketers, facing changes is a challenge but also an opportunity. Marketers who embrace the new technology will enhance the capabilities of themselves or the department in a significant way. On the contrary, marketers who struggle and choose to escape or ignore the A.I. trends may miss the opportunity to increase the team's effectiveness. 

Back to the nature of marketing, we experience a lot of different forms of marketing activities in our daily life—for instance, TV advertisements, billboards, lamp posts or even word of mouth. The messages and the brand images influence our purchasing decision. Meanwhile, the promotion channels have evolved from traditional print and multi-media to social media channels after the smartphone was in trend. In the past decade, we have faced significant changes in the transition from offline marketing to digital marketing. Just like the development of e-commerce platforms, social media channels, and TikTok channels, managing these platforms requires traditional marketing skills to support new trends and marketing campaigns.

It is the prime time to catch the A.I. technology to help marketing strategy become more productive and efficient. Marketers needed to understand consumer behaviours change by using data analytics over time to create unique promotional activities. 

A successful marketing campaign also relies on good communication skills and creativity. With the assistance of A.I. in content marketing, photography, videos and data analytics, marketers can use the new tools with good coordination, experience and creative thinking to generate a unique promotion campaign

Don't fear the change and feel uncomfortable. In the 21st Century, marketing is an important strategy for companies. Marketers should have a clearer idea of their brand and the position of the current market to complete a marketing action plan to deliver the marketing objectives. 

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