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The benefits of attending a sales and marketing course September 27, 2018

The benefits of attending a sales and marketing course

The benefits of attending a sales and marketing course

What is sales and marketing?

Sales are the operations and activities that are involved in promoting and selling goods and services. Marketing is the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. Sales and marketing are closely linked in their responsibilities and marketing has a vital role in supporting sales.

The marketing department has the responsibility for raising awareness of a product and generating high quality leads for a sales team. A marketing qualified lead meets certain criteria set forth by a marketing department. A sales qualified lead adds to the initial stipulation set by the marketing team to find the highest value prospects. The sales and marketing teams need to work hand in hand to make sure that there are no conflicts that might affect the business.

The more effectively the two teams can share ideas the better they are aligned for company profit.

Sales responsibilities

The key responsibility for a sales function is to follow up with leads generated by the marketing department. Sales skills have changed over the years, modern sales focus on relationship building to create trust between a buyer and seller. An excellent sales person understands the needs of a buyer so tries to be persuasive and not pushy. They will have the ability to turn leads into customers; they will also close sales online and over the phone. This broadens the responsibilities of closing sales to more employees.

Marketing responsibilities

The marketing team will build awareness of the product or service. When initial awareness of the product is made it deepens the consumer’s connection to the company or the product. Marketing materials such as newspapers, radio, television adverts cement the engagement into the company. Emails and newsletters help consumers get more value for their product.

There are many benefits of attending sales and marketing courses such as:

  • Sales management courses and marketing courses are for everyone in the organisation. Every member of the team plays a vital role in sales and marketing. As a owner of the business it is important that the whole team is trained as they will have at some point customer contact.
  • When you attend a sales and marketing course you really are embarking on a course that teaches you how to effectively communicate and leadership skills. This will teach your staff how to communicate internally and externally.
  • One of the greatest benefit of being enrolled on this course is that you are in a room with likeminded people that you can learn from. You can learn different sales and marketing tactics to help you excel in the company.

Not sure how sales and marketing will benefit you? Contact us for more information on our sales and marketing courses.

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