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The importance of supervisor training and development October 22, 2018

The importance of supervisor training and development

The importance of supervisor training and development

Managers and supervisors can have the single largest impact on your organisation. A good (or bad) manager or supervisor affects employee performance and satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, turnover, and the overall health of any organisation. If your company is in business to make a profit, it goes without saying that investing in training is a smart move.

Here we will explore the importance of supervisor training and development:

Productive Staff

When you effectively train your managers and supervisors, you better position them to train their own staff members. A knowledgeable workforce that is fully aware of their own job responsibilities as well as your expectations is a high-functioning unit that provides superior service to your customers. Managers with trained staffs are more efficient in the performance of their job duties and are less likely to make costly errors that can result in decreased revenue.

To stay out of court

In employee relations where does the “rubber meet the road?” It is in the interaction supervisors have with their direct reports. Ever hear the term “vicarious liability”? The company is held at fault for the actions of its supervisors in what they do, say to, and how they interact with employees. Do you really want your supervisors to rely on their definitions of the words harassment, discrimination, and documentation? If you do then we need to talk. I can save you a lot of money. So train your supervisors in the policies and procedures that will keep them from violating the law.

Reduced Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict can arise when people are unsure of their roles or their duties, where there is a significant lack of communication and where problem-solving abilities are non-existent. Effectively trained managers are adept at employee relations, dispute mediation and in running a positive and focused workplace. A manager with good interpersonal skills can help increase understanding between colleagues and smooth out workplace misunderstandings.

If you choose to train your managers or supervisors you can expect your employees to be more engaged, solve their own problems, put forth more effort, thereby increasing your productivity and profitability. Your turnover rates will decrease and your star employees will stick around, making your organisation more profitable. And you will be a more competitive force in the marketplace, potentially earning a greater share of the market.

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