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What is a Mini MBA? June 25, 2019

What is a Mini MBA?

What is a Mini MBA?

You may have heard of Mini MBAs recently but may still be confused as to what they actually are! There are many benefits to taking a Mini MBA but before we discuss them, first let’s look at some of the characteristics of a traditional MBA.

MBA stands for a Master of Business Administration. It is a professional, graduate degree in business, that traditionally takes 2 years on average to complete.

The core learning of an MBA is management training, with a focus on leadership, planning and business strategy. It uses theoretical and practical learning to help graduates gain an in depth understanding of business management and general business functions.

Typical subjects in a MBA study include management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics and business law. These subjects can vary along with the specialised focus of an MBA.

MBAs are one of the most popular graduate courses across the globe however due to time and money constraints it can be hard for business professionals that are currently working to take the time out and to pay the fees necessary in order to gain an MBA that will help them progress further in their career.

Thankfully there are other viable options for business professionals to increase their management and business understanding, skills and knowledge in order to develop their career. One of these options is take a Mini MBA!

Mini MBAs are popular ways of gaining business knowledge without the time commitment or the fees of a MBA graduate degree. Focusing on similar topics in business management to an MBA, Mini MBAs can cover the management knowledge and learning you need to boost your career in a flexible and more affordable way.

Mini MBAs were introduced by the McGill University in Canada, in 1949 and are now a popular option for business professionals everywhere due to their flexible nature.

Designed to be short intensive course compared to years of study, it is not hard to understand the appeal of Mini MBAs to busy professionals that need to juggle study with work and social/family life.

The big difference is that Mini MBAs are not graduate degrees whereas MBAs are. Mini MBAs will give you a certificate upon completion but not a degree. As mentioned above, the length of studying, for a Mini MBA can be a short intensive course compared to a MBA that can be years of study which is an obvious difference in what qualification you will receive. Lastly the cost of tuition is different considering the difference in qualification, the time of study and the institution where you choose such as at a university.

Before choosing whether a Mini MBA is right for you or whether you want to commit to an MBA, you will need to consider what outcomes you wish to achieve in order to further your career. You will need to assess you plans of study in terms of time and cost both professionally and personally. For example, consider your personal circumstances - How much time can you spend studying? How much money can you invest in studying? Where is the location of study? Will you need to move? Will you be able to balance your personal life commitments with study? 

Consider your professional situation - Will your employer support your study? Will they fund your study? Will they allow you flexibility in your job to study? Is your career plan a long term, medium term or short term goal? Do you need a graduate degree qualification or will your knowledge, experience, skill set and certificate gained through training be sufficient to progress further?

While it can be hard to evaluate and make decisions, speak to your mentors, managers or professional role models that work in areas you would like to progress to. How did there get there? What did they study? What do they recommend? Speak to your friends and family to see how they can support you and what ideas they may have. Research in depth all of your different options and speak to the institutions offering them as they will be able to offer you some further insight into your options as well.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge in business management and do not know where to start, London Training for Excellence are here to help! We can help you decide what type of study is right for you.

If you would like some further information on Mini MBAs we can help as well. London Training for Excellence offer Mini MBAs in Business Management. We offer flexible Mini MBA training courses across 21+ locations globally so you can choose a time and location to study that suits you. We do not cancel courses that have been confirmed so you can feel secure in the knowledge that your study plans will not be delayed with us!

For more information of our Mini MBA Business Management course please follow the link below or if you would like some help please feel free to call us on +44 20 7183 6657 or email your questions to

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!


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