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What is an ILM certification? October 25, 2019

What is an ILM certification?

What is an ILM certification?

Continuing on with our, ‘most common questions,’ mini series, what is one of the ‘most common questions’, that we will tackle today?

One of most common questions is… “What is an ILM certification?”

In last week’s blog we discussed our training accreditations with a focus on our CPD accreditation. Now that our CPD accreditation should be more familiar let’s take a look at one of our other prominent accreditations, ILM.

At London Training for Excellence, we offer 2 different courses that are certified by ILM. One of the courses is our, ‘ILM CERTIFIED, Leadership and Management Excellence’ training course and the other is, ‘ILM CERTIFIED, Performance Management.’

Many people often enquire about these courses and ask, ‘What is an ILM certification?’

When you choose an ILM certified course there are a wide range of benefits that you may not know about, but we are here to explain!

ILM is a leading and globally recognised, provider of leadership, management and coaching  qualitifications. With over 50 years of experience, the ILM sets the highest standard and benchmark for performance in leadership and management around the world. Although it is a City and Guilds Group Business based in the UK, it has a global network of over 2,000 approved centres.

The ILM’s purpose is to enable organisations and individuals to develop their leadership skills by helping training providers to develop quality training programmes that will equip, assess and accredit leaders.

The ILM use a wealth of expertise in professional training, learning content, technology and qualifications to set the standards for corporate learning and on-the-job development. The ILM pride themselves on providing their certification to programmes that are immediately relevant and applicable to everyday roles on the job and in everyday life. In an ILM survey it was found that 88% of employers said their business was immediately positively impacted by ILM training programmes. Over 70,000 people register for ILM qualifications each year, which is an indication of the success of ILM programmes.

So why should you choose an ILM certified course?

Not only does an ILM certification assure you that your training course is quality guaranteed, but you will receive an ILM certificate (in addition to your London Training for Excellence certificate) that is recognised globally and industry wide.

Another great feature is that after undertaking your ILM certified training you will be granted access to activate a one-year membership with the ILM. All ILM learners receive a free Institute of Leadership and Management, studying membership that will provide access to a whole range of learning resources, research, leadership and management news, e-learning tool kits for managers, weekly webinars and exclusive weekly events.

An ILM certification can provide your leadership and management training with the edge that it needs. With so many different leadership and management training courses out there to choose from, ILM is a certification that can make your training stand out and give you some extra benefits that you did not anticipate.

We will discuss ILM and the points mentioned here in this blog  on our YouTube channel next week , so if you would like to learn more about ILM please subscribe to our London Training for Excellence channel on YouTube, so that you don’t miss out on our informative weekly videos!

If you have any further questions about ILM or any of our other training accreditations please contact so that we can help!

Alternatively, if you would like to submit a, ‘common question’ for us to answer please send it through and we will try to respond with a blog or video!


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