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What is an ILM certified business course? March 26, 2019

What is an ILM certified business course?

What is an ILM certified business course?

Any individual that is a manager, senior executive or an aspiring leader looking for a leadership and management course will find it extremely difficult to determine which course will give their leadership training the edge they need.

With so many training courses out there specialising in different streams of leadership and management, it is hard to know which training course is right for you when you are taking such an exciting new step towards becoming a leader or continuing your leadership journey.

An ILM certified leadership and management course might be an option you haven’t considered yet, that may give your training the edge you are looking for!

ILM stands for the Institute of Leadership and Management. The ILM is a professional membership body for leaders and managers of all levels around the world. The ILM aims to inspire great leadership everywhere!

As a specialist body in leadership, management and coaching skills development, the ILM has the authority to give their certification of assurance to high quality leadership and management training courses. The certification is only given to leadership and management training that meets or exceeds the benchmark of quality.

The ILM certification process uses a benchmark model developed by ILM quality, learning and policy experts. The ILM benchmark model incorporates six core components:

  • Leadership and management
  • Design and delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Evaluation and continuous development
  • Learner support
  • Planning and management.

A leadership and management training course must meet each criterion listed within each benchmark component in order to attain the certification.

It doesn’t end there either, to maintain consistent and continuous, on-going quality the certified leadership and management course will only keep its certified status if it passes an annual review by an ILM quality professional.

On top of having the satisfaction of knowing your leadership and management training is a quality-assured, another great highlight is that after undertaking your ILM certified training you will be granted access to activate a one-year membership with the ILM.

This membership will give you access to a whole host of free leadership and management resources in the form of tool kits for managers, access to Edge Magazine, access to receive e-newsletters and weekly webinars that will engage you and inform you on all the latest news for leaders and managers.

Evidently there are many unique benefits to choosing a ILM certified leadership and management training course as discussed above. These benefits can potentially give you an advantage when choosing a course out of seemingly similar options.

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