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Why Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is so important October 2, 2019

Why Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is so important

Critical thinking and problem solving is a key skill for all employees to have in any type of organisation and in any type of role. We use critical thinking and problem solving techniques every day at work and in our personal lives without even realising it!

Not only are we constantly problem solving, we are also constantly using critical thinking processes to improve our progress in solving problems more efficiently and more effectively, in our search for better solutions and innovations.

Critical thinking processes lead to improved knowledge as the process involves the close analysis and evaluation of information leading to informed decisions rather than irrational or uneducated decisions being made.

Even though all individuals are different and think in completely different ways, there are ways we can all improve our critical thinking processes that will then improve our problem solving abilities.

By understanding how our thought process works, we can begin to compare the way we think as an individual to other ways of thinking and different schools of thought. This will expose us to new ways of thinking beyond our usual process and inevitably we will begin to adapt our thought processes to incorporate new methods that we may not have considered before. In doing so, the thought process can become highly creative and produce very effective solutions that were not possible before.

Understanding different ways of thinking will also help an individual to understand how others around us think making it easier to find common solutions to group problems and also to better understand and accept decisions that may be different from our own and that we don’t necessarily agree with.

In conclusion it is evident that critical thinking and problem solving are key skills to learn as the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of an individual’s problem solving ability can have a huge impact on their professional and even personal life. Understanding different thinking and different approaches to problem solving is also very beneficial when working in a team and can greatly improve an individual’s relationships with team mates at work as you will be able to understand and appreciate different perspectives.

If you need to or would like to improve on your critical thinking and problem solving skills, London Training for Excellence has the perfect course for you!

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