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Why you should consider having a career in chemical engineering October 15, 2018

Why you should consider having a career in chemical engineering

Why you should consider having a career in chemical engineering

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering is a discipline influencing numerous areas of technology. In broad terms, chemical engineers conceive and design processes to produce, transform and transport materials — beginning with experimentation in the laboratory followed by implementation of the technology in full-scale production.

It is fair to say Chemical engineers use their analytical skills and aptitude for chemistry when working with ground-breaking technologies to enhance people's lives.

Here we will talk about why you should consider a career in chemical engineering.  Read on to learn more.

  • There are plenty of job opportunities

A lot of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) industries are struggling with the UK’s current skills shortage, according to a report released by the British government. As a result, the chemical engineering sector is in desperate need of more workers, and that means there are lots of vacancies just waiting to be filled by hardworking young people who are looking to take the first step in their careers.

If you’re looking to work within an industry that offers plenty of job opportunities with lots of room for progression, chemical engineering is a great choice. Surveys show that chemical engineers earn more, on average, than other types of engineer and more than pure scientists.

  • Multi-use degree

Doing a Chemical Engineering degree does not limit you to a job as a chemical engineer. You can also easily pursue a job in analytical chemistry, as well as engineering in manufacturing or mining, as well as in managerial or production areas.

  • Chemical engineering is not a restrictive choice

Even those graduates who choose not to accept jobs in industry are highly employable in other areas because they are experienced at solving problems and have good analytical and management skills. Chemical engineering graduates can go on to successful careers in finance, consultancy or scientific journalism, to name but a few.

  • The future of the industry is very bright

While there is already a high demand for alternative energy sources, new medicines and the like, this is only going to increase in the coming years. It’s a very exciting time in the chemical engineering industry – changes are happening across the globe and groundbreaking projects are being worked on all of the time. If you’re interested in working within an exciting industry that truly has the power to change and improve the way that the world works, studying chemical engineering could lead you on the right path.

  • International skills

The world is a small yet diverse place, more global, yet at the same time dividing people like nothing else. Chemical engineering offers skills and knowledge that can be applied in any country or culture around the world today. Knowing a foreign language helps too.

  • Chemical engineers can change the world

Chemical engineers work to improve the quality of people's lives. Most items used by people everyday have needed chemical engineers to produce them. Chemical engineers are helping to end starvation, disease and poverty. They are working to save the environment by developing alternative technologies to combat acid rain, lead pollution and the greenhouse effect.

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