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Women in leadership training courses with London Training for Excellence September 25, 2019

Women in leadership training courses with London Training for Excellence

Women in leadership training courses with London Training for Excellence

Gender is not to be a factor in whether you can be a great leader.

Yet statistics globally show less women make it to the top of organisations, and are less represented at management levels, particularly in industries focused on science, technology, and engineering, despite equal performance in STEM topics at graduate level.

Many industries and countries have made a commitment to improve the representation of women in leadership roles.

So – how can employers foster a more diverse workplace, that allows all genders to flourish?

1. Flexible working

2. Eliminating bias from job roles and the recruitment process – even the wording can influence whether a woman will consider applying or rule herself out of the running before a selection process has started.

3. Ensuring there is respect for diversity and inclusion ingrained in the core values of the business.

4. Finally, by working with London Training for Excellence to help potential female leaders raise levels of confidence and assertiveness and leadership skills, and to educate leaders in business about how to harness the potential of diversity in the workplace.

We believe at London Training for Excellence we have a pivotal role to play in helping organisations to get the balance right. 

We recognise great leaders come in all forms, and that diversity of leadership can bring benefits to an organisation by:

- improving risk management

- avoiding groupthink

- fostering a balance between task and people focus

- and creating space for emotional intelligence in leadership by ensuring different communication styles are respected.

Our Women in Leadership training courses can help your organisation to develop the skills to facilitate constructive discussions about the leadership gap, and help your leaders identify effective ways to recruit, retain, and motivate leaders that reflect the diverse make-up of our society. 

It makes good business sense – for example, women drive 70-80% of consumer purchasing decisions – from the homes we buy and furnish, the family car, the food we eat – so if you are in construction, automotive, and retail industries, it makes sense that the people who decide whether your product is purchased should have a hand in product design, marketing, organisational strategy and other key functions.

If your organisation would like to find out more about addressing women in leadership, contact us at or click on the link below to find out more about our Women in leadership course– we offer this course globally and would be delighted to work with you to customise a development programme for your organisation.

Click here to learn more about our Leadership and Management courses.

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