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Risk Assessment for Production Operations

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Course Overview

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems are based on a proactive process for incidents prevention. Risk assessment is required to be applied to all activities that impacts on health & Safety, production, asset, environment and the Company reputation. In this program you will learn how to:

  • Improve your practical skills in applying risk assessment techniques relevant to your activities.
  • Effectively balance risk against cost in order to optimize risk reduction measures.
  • Motivate your people for improved safety culture.
  • Appreciate the role of Quantified Risk Assessment and major hazards.



  • Recognise the difference between hazard, risk and risk assessment.
  • Learn how to evaluate different types of risk.
  • Develop the skills of applying advanced risk assessment techniques.
  • Develop a strategy for planning and implementing risk reduction action plans.
  • Discover a variety of communication styles to effectively cope with different. situations.
  • Plan and conduct successful appraisal interviews with their team.
  • Create a Plan of Action to implement in their organisation.
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Course Outline

 Introduction to Risk Assessment

  • Program introduction: delegate and tutor introductions; program objectives.
  • The concepts of hazards, risk and risk assessment.
  • Human contribution to accidents- Piper Alpha disaster.
  • Methods for risk evaluation.
  • Integrating risk assessment within Risk Management.
  • Semi-quantitative risk assessment techniques.
  • The task-based approach to risk assessment.
  • Syndicate exercise: Working in small groups .


 Risk Assessment Techniques: HAZOP:

  • Introduction to hazards identification and analysis techniques.
  • Techniques for hazard identification and analysis- HAZOP.
  • Syndicate exercise- application of HAZOP to relevant processes.
  • Integrating HAZOP within the risk management system.
  • Planning and implementing HAZOP Actions.


Failure Modes & Effects Analysis ‘FM&EA’:

  • Introduction into reliability technology.
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ‘FM&EA’.
  • Failures of Permit-to-work systems:
  • Analysis of the consequences- mechanics of fire, explosion and toxic releases.
  • Role of Fault Tree Analysis to identify how accidents can happen
  • Group exercise on FTA.


Human Factors and Risk Assessment

  • Introduction to human factors and human error.
  • Hierarchical task analysis ‘HTA’ .
  • Task-based HAZOP: Application to critical activities onshore and offshore.
  • Working in small groups on task-based hazops.
  • Integrating human factor within HSE management system.


The Role of Quantified Risk Assessment ‘QRA’

  • Introduction to Quantified Risk Assessment.
  • The role of Event Tree Analysis in scenario development.
  • The role of Fault Tree Analysis for multi-causation analysis.
  • Applications for ETA and FTA.
  • Case Study: Working in small groups on QRA- Loss of containment event.
  • Preparation of action plans, planning and implementing.
  • Report back and discussion.
  • Personal action plans, program review and the way ahead.
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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production

Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 07 - 11 Oct 2024

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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production




Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 11 - 15 Nov 2024

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  • Industrial Manufacturing and Production

Risk Assessment for Production Operations

Duration:5 Days (20 CPD hours)

date:07 - 11 Oct 2024




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Risk Assessment for Production Operations

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Risk Assessment for Production Operations

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  • 07 - 11 Oct 2024
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