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Oil And Gas - Piping And Piping Systems

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Course Overview

The oil and gas industry serves to provide energy on a global scale. The complexities involved in the production, processing and delivery of oil and gas (hydrocarbons) together with the high risks involved and capital-intensive nature associated with the industry dictates the need for robust control and management of oil and gas assets whether in design and manufacture, construction, installation, operations, inspection maintenance and repair.

The use of piping and piping systems plays a critical role within an oil and gas infrastructure, which is responsible for transporting fluids and gases. Similarly, as with any other oil and gas asset, all piping systems may be susceptible to damage from mechanical or chemical species such as internal and external corrosion. One of the most significant piping damage mechanisms is Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – this specific form of damage has the potential for piping failure causing financial losses as well as the cost of intervention and repair.

This training course will present all delegates a detailed and comprehensive insight into oil and gas piping and piping systems covering piping design, piping materials, fabrication, inspection and maintenance, piping protection and so forth.

This training course will serve as a comprehensive introduction for newcomers as well as a useful update and refresher for those with industry experience to fulfil the industry’s ongoing need for knowledgeable, skilled and competent project management individuals.


The objectives of this course shall be to deliver to all delegates the following attributes which include but not limited to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of oil and gas piping design;
  • To understand piping materials design and selection – piping materials classes;
  • Understand the importance of piping and systems as a ‘fluids and gases’ transport mechanisms
  • Understand the significance and importance of piping failure – mechanical and corrosion failure mechanism and how to mitigate piping failures;
  • To acquire knowledge of piping inspection methodologies and non-destructive techniques (NDT);
  • The use of fittings in conjunction with piping and piping systems – pressure vessels, storage tanks, valves, pumps; and
  • To understand the relevant international piping codes and standards
  • Introduction and broad overview of the oil and gas industry;
  • Detailed insight into the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream oil and gas sectors including production, processing and transport facilities;
  • To understand design and selection of piping materials for onshore and subsurface facilities;
  • Piping design;
  • Piping materials manufacture/fabrication, installation, operations;
  • Fundamentals of Design and Construction of Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Piping;
  • Piping Failure Mechanisms and Failure Mitigation Methods;
  • Piping – Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Piping Inspections and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Integrity Management of Piping Systems
  • Application of international piping codes and standards – ASME B31.3, API 570
  • Case Studies
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Course Outline

Day 1: Engineering Materials - Piping and Fitting

  • Types and properties of engineering materials – overview of metals ferrous and non-ferrous, stainless steels
  • Piping manufacturing – methodologies and pipe testing – Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methodologies
  • Mechanical properties
  • Methods of Joining - Pipe welding – Carbon Equivalent (CE), ASME B&PVC Section IX – Welding and Brazing procedures – weld defects, anomalies - Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methodologies
  • Pipe and tube
  • Nominal pipe size (NPS)
  • Piping standards (B31.1, B31.3) and related International Codes and Standards – API, ASME, ASTM, NACE
  • Pipe, piping components and fitting (Flanges, Gaskets and Bolting)
  • Valves and valves connection, Branch Connections

Day 2: Piping System Design

  • Plant design – plant layout - typical
  • Piping fundamentals
  • System design – line sizing – wall thickness - allowable stresses and other stress limits
  • Bases for design stresses – piping stresses, allowable expansion stress range
  • Equipment nozzle load design considerations
  • Pipe supports - pipe supporting systems, recommended pipe spans, pipe spacing, pipe guides, pipe restraints (limit stops), rod hangers, variable spring hangers,
  • Design include design pressure, design temperature
  • Pressure design of flanges and blanks
  • Fluid service requirements for piping components and piping joints
  • Pipe/flange leakage

Day 3: Oil and Gas Process Plant Equipment

  • Oil & Gas production and process equipment - exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, valves
  • Equipment drawings, vendor drawings
  • Nozzle specifications
  • Equipment foundations and supports

Day 4: Piping & Instrument Diagram (P&IDs) /  Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)

  • Function and purpose of P&IDs
  • Piping and Equipment Designations and Symbols
  • Instrumentation Designations and Symbols
  • Piping Line Lists
  • Piping Documentation (Drawing List, Equipment List, Piping Specifications) Introduction
  • Process flow diagram (PFDs)
  • Process flow diagram symbols
  • Process equipment specification
  • Trace Product Flow Through the Process
  • Understanding Schematics electrical

Day 5: Pipe Protection

  • Piping – Materials degradation, ageing
  • Failure modes and mechanisms – erosion, corrosion, fatigue, brittle fracture mitigation methods
  • Piping – Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Pipe protection – coatings, CP
  • Risk based Inspection (RBI) strategies and planning, non-destructive testing (NDT) methodologies
  • Integrity management of piping systems
  • Fitness for Service Evaluation – API 579/ASME FFA-1
  • Application of international piping codes and standards
  • Legislative and Regulatory Compliance
  • Case studies
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Duration: 20 CPD hours (5Days)

date: 19 - 23 Aug 2024

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  • Oil and Gas

Oil And Gas - Piping And Piping Systems

Duration:5 Days (20 CPD hours)

date:19 - 23 Aug 2024




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Oil And Gas - Piping And Piping Systems

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