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What you need to know about employee engagement. October 3, 2019

What you need to know about employee engagement.

Let’s talk about engagement at work!

And no, despite your confusion, we don’t mean an engagement party or a proposal in the office…we mean to talk about engagement, the act of engaging employees at work so that they feel more fulfilled professionally, are likely to perform better in the workplace and are generally happier at work overall.

Employees who feel engaged at work strongly agree that they like what they do each day, they do something interesting each day and they learn each day.

Are you engaged at work?

Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and their workplace. They make an effort to show up and work hard. They genuinely care about their organisation’s customers and the service/products that they provide. They are also more naturally attuned to the needs and wants of customers due to their genuine service and care.

Engaged employees want their organisation to do well and they genuinely invest into the organisation’s overall performance. They also ensure their environment is safe and clean, for their colleagues and customers to enjoy.

Lastly engaged employees are very observant of correct processes, standards and systems as they want to meet and go beyond the organisations standards. Overall engaged employees drive great performance and move the organisation forward.

Employees that are not engaged however feel unattached to their work and workplace. They do not feel genuinely invested in their work or feel invested in the organisation’s progress. It is unlikely an unengaged employee will contribute to driving the organisation forward.

Unfortunately, an unengaged employee will put energy but not passion into their work. This occurs when employee’s engagement needs are not being met in a particular role or workplace.

It is key for both managers and employees themselves to recognise when they are not engaged in the workplace. It is a very important factor that can greatly improve the employees wellbeing and the company’s performance.

Managers need to ensure that they track and improve workplace conditions, procedures, culture and processes that can contribute to keeping employees engaged. There are many ways to improve employee engagement that do not involve monetary schemes such as commission or bonuses. It is up to managers to get creative with their engagement methods and to ensure that they cater to individual needs. Effective leadership is at the heart of employee engagement.

If your organisation would like to find out more about employee engagement, London Training for Excellence offers an Employee Engagement and Motivation training course. The course will examine the nature of employee engagement, its relationship to motivation and how an organisation can increase it. The course also examines effective leadership as one of the core factors at the heart of employee engagement.

To find out more about our London TFE Employee Engagement and Motivation training course please follow the link below or contact

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